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These tools are here to help you track and manage your own training and nutrition. If you feel you'd like more assistance with your transformation goals please check out my Online Coaching Services.
1RM Calculator (1 Rep Max)

This calculator allows you to calculate your 1 rep max for 5 upper body exercises and 5 lower body exercises. The instructions for what you'll need to do to get these calculations are all provided at the start of the calculation form.

Physical Assessment

This assessment helps you to track your results and gives you your body fat percentage, using the "Jackson and Pollock 7 site equation". You will need to know how to do your skin folds to utilise this assessment tool. 

Calorie Calculator

This calculator will give you your estimated BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) and estimated TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), useing your height, weight, age, gender and weekly activity. If you are unsure how to use this to benefit you and your transformation goals, check out my online coaching services.

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